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Safety Is The Best Political Slogan

In the last six months, because police brutality has created so much social unrest and incited demonstrations all over the United States, especially in Portland and Seattle, many people went to the streets and burned police stations and interrupted local businesses and attacked the security personnel.

The President wanted to use more U.S. military force to calm down the rioting, but the Secretary of Defense refused to do it.

For a lot of ordinary citizens and small businesses, a peaceful environment with security and safety is really needed to do business.

A bill creating a task force to study how reparations could be implemented statewide has passed in the California Assembly. If this bill becomes law, that will have a big influence on American politics.

The President is using the social safety issue to try and gain support from those voters who have become very tired of all the community unrest.

Democratic challenger Vice President Biden really needs to face this problem. The 2020 election is coming in less than two months. Our future depends on a leader who can help us with today’s problems and lead us into the future.



近月來全國各地由於警察射殺黑人事件,大小城市示威不斷,而且上演擄搶燒火事件, 尤其是西雅圖波特蘭更有暴徒劃地為營火燒警察局長期佔領街道商家無法营業 造成對社會治安嚴重影響。


 對一般平民百姓而言社會治安非常重要做點小生意也需要安定之社區環境, 如果每天不是被偷就是被搶日子怎么過下去!



 我們的民主選舉已經早變味了為了爭取选民大家都在演戱尤其面對大眾及媒體幕前及幕後可以說兩種不同的選舉語言只要得到選票違背良心又如何呢 ?