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美國新冠疫情日記 10/08

美國新冠疫情日記 10/08

Major Medical Journal Calls For U.S. Leadership To Be Voted Out

The New England Journal of Medicine today published an editorial written by editors condemning the Trump administration for its response to the COVID -19 pandemic and called for the current leadership of the United States to be voted out of office.

Dr. Eric Rubin said, “We rarely publish an editorial signed by all our editors.” The editorial was drafted in August and details how the United States leads the world.

The U.S. leads the world in COVID-19 cases and deaths. So far, more than 7.5 million people in the United States have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and more than 200,000 people have died of the disease.

In the editorial, the editors wrote that, “this crisis has produced a test of leadership. With no good option to combat a novel pathogen, countries were forced to make hard choices about how to respond. Here in the United States our leaders have failed that test. They have taken a cross and turned it into tragedy.”

In a separate issue of the magazine Scientific American, the publication announced that it was endorsing Joe Biden over Donald Trump who the magazine criticized for dismissing science.

When President Trump returned to the Oval Office, he said, “I think this was a blessing from God that I caught it. It was blessing in disguise.”

More than 15 members of Trump’s staff have now tested positive in recent days for the coronavirus.

The whole world is watching what is going on in Washington, DC. People are viewing the White House as “chaotic,” largely because many people are now working remotely.

We are not too sure how President Trump’s health will affect our nation’s future.



文章中指出由于政府之無能, 美國已經有七百五十萬人感染二十萬人因而死亡, 造成不可挽救的悲劇。



事實上美國正處於內忧外患之困境,大選在即十月十五日之辯論是否可如期舉行尚未决定總統之健康情況亦未明朗國會紓困議案未決航空旅遊業大裁員國家前途何去何從 ?