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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 11/25

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 11/25

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 


即將接任美國總統的拜登今天在接受媒體訪問時回憶他從事販售汽車的父親,有天回家後躺在床上不發一語,母親告訴拜登, 你的父親失業了,也失去了健康保險,全家都陷入殘雲慘霧之中。

拜登今天顕然對那些成千上萬的美國家庭遭受到同樣的困境, 因此他誓言在他就任的第一天會立即推出救濟方案來解決失業家庭之痛苦, 並將堅決維持奧巴馬醫療保險制度。

新冠疫情肆虐全國已有十個月之久,全美確診超過一千二百萬人, 這是多麽恐佈的數字,拜登做為一國之領導人,他的首要任務就是解救苦難的同胞。

拜登回忆起父親早年失業無助的情境, 語帶哽咽, 令人傷感 ,今天也是家父病逝四十二年之忌日, 回顧數十年的辛酸歲月,家父音容猶存,遺憾的是他的早逝, 未能盡孝, 乃是此生之憾, 每當想起童年往事, 對父親之懷念, 也不禁淚下。

所幸多家藥廠已成功制成新冠疫苗, 希望戰勝這场無情可怕的浩劫, 願蒼天保佑, 拯救苦難中之同胞兄弟姐妹們。

   Thanksgiving’s tear

President-elected Joe Biden told the reporter that he remembered his dad a car sales man returned home one day lay down to the bed his mom told him “your dad lost the job and will be with our insurance cover “his family was in such despair and helpless situation.

To day President-elected Biden said his first priority will come to sponsor a economic stimulus bill to help millions of families and definitely keep the Obama Heath care running for all the people.

Coronavirus pandemic almost ten month now in America we already have more than twelve millions people confirmed cases this horrible numbers touch so many family’s heart as the head of state of course his job will be how to come to rescue our people

When Biden talked about his dad we could tell his sadness .

Today is also the day we lost my dad forty two years ago I remember when I left my dad went to boarding school when I was eleven years old, I cried and won’t let him go away. Just very sad I couldn’t spend more time with him when he passed away many years ago, every time I remembering him My tear was in my eyes.

Fortunately the vaccines is on the way in this thanksgiving holiday season let hope all the people suffering can be rescue our nation can be more peaceful.