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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 01/12/2021

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 01/12/2021


 國會大廈上週三被川普煽動之群暴徒攻佔, 先後有六人不幸喪生, 随後國會眾議院立即發動有史以來對總統之第二次彈劾案,但是他的任期只剩下一星期, 由于民主共和兩黨之同仇敌忾 川普行為之嚴重性, 他們正在研究如何让他今後無法再選公職, 包括二O二四年總統在內。

 美國憲法笫二十五修正案規定, 如果副總統和多數內閣成員認為他不適合擔任總統可以將其免職。

 上週五, 推特宣布永久封禁了川普總統, 小川普說, 言論自由在美國已不復存在。 但是硏究第修正案的學者認為 该修正案禁止政府審查, 但並不適用於私營企業所做的決定, 截止目前為止 包括臉書谷歌在內都取消了川普的頁面。

 國務卿蓬佩奧在川普政府最後幾天任內宣佈取消美台官員互動之限制, 他在一項聲明中說 行政機關各部門應該認為國務院之前根據國務卿授權發布的對台關係之接觸指南是無效的, 這項行動似乎為拜登政府設下了難題, 他同時宣布美國駐聯合國大使即將訪問台北, 蓬佩奧之行動必將引起中國大陸之激烈反應 海峽兩岸關係必須再度陷入緊張。

 环球日報之篇評論中說, 如果這是美國對台政策新起點的話, 這也將開啟台灣當局繼續存在下去的倒計時。

 正當全國疫情進入嚴重高峯期, 川普政府還在國內外繼續掀起政治風暴真令人痛心。

Trump’s Final Days

President Trump incited a group of his supporters who violently stormed the Capitol. Congress once again will start to impeach him, even though this time, there are only a few days remaining in his term.

No president has ever been impeached twice or in his waning days in office.

While it may seem pointless to impeach a president just as he is about to leave office, yet if he were convicted, the Senate could vote to bar him from ever holding office again. History gives us little guidance on the question of whether a president can be impeached once he leaves office.

Today Twitter permanently banned President Trump’s account. Trump Jr. said on Twitter that, “Free speech no longer exists in America.”

Scholars indicated that the company’s decision may be unwise, but it is perfectly legal because the First Amendment doesn’t require any private forum to publish anyone’s speech.

In Washington, Secretary of State Pompeo said the U.S. government would relax its restriction on interactions between American officials and their counterparts in Taiwan as the Trump administration seeks to lock in a tougher line against the Chinese government in its final days. In the statement, Pompeo said, “Executive branch agencies should consider all contact guidelines regarding relations with Taiwan previously issued by the Department of State under authorities delegated to the Secretary of State to be null and void.”

Right after the announcement, one Chinese newspaper wrote, “If this is a new starting point of U.S. - Taiwan policy, it will also start the countdown of the survival of the Taiwan authority.”

No doubt, Pompeo’s action in the final days of the Trump administration will create tense relations in the Asian Pacific region.