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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 03/18

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 03/18

我見 我思 我聞

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We Hope The Bloody Murders Were Not Racially Motivated 

A twenty-one year old white man went on a rampage at three spas in the Atlanta area Tuesday afternoon killing eight people. Six of them were of Asian decent.

Investigators said they had not ruled out racial bias as a motivating factor even though the suspect denied any racial animus.

The gunman told the police that he had a “sexual addiction” and had carried out the shooting at the massage parlors to eliminate his “temptation.” The authorities charged Robert Aaron Long, 21, on Wednesday with eight counts of murder and one count of aggravated assault in connection with the shootings.

We are here to urge our Asian community to be united to meet the challenge. President Biden also expressed his concern about the shooting in Georgia while renewing his concerns over a recent surge in violence against Asian-Americans. The president said, “At this very moment so many of them, our fellow Americans, they’re on the front line of this pandemic trying to save lives, yet also in fear for their own lives just walking down the streets in America. It’s wrong, it’s un-American and it must stop.”

This is the time all of our leaders need to call emergency meeting talks about this serious issue. We need the people to understand how to protect our community.