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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 04/03

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思 04/03

我見 我思 我聞


國會議員格林和亜裔社區人士週五中午在休斯敦華埠舉行了一埸公開記會, 共同討伐對亞裔之歧視行為。

我在會上表示,就在一年前我們和格林議員在此舉辦了疫情防治記者會,今天在此時此地已經有五十多萬國人失去寶貴之生活,今天我們要特別感激格林議員回到我們之間, 各位如果一眼望去,二十多年前這裡是荒蕪的稻田和空地,经過我們亞裔移民之耕耘和努力,才有了今天的華埠和國際區,我們已經成為休斯敦主要的社会群体。




The Time To Act Is Now

On Friday April 2nd, Congressman Al Green came to Houston’s Chinatown and hosted a news conference with local and state elected officials as well as community leaders to condemn anti-Asian violence and discrimination. This press event was hosted in front of a local Asian SPA in expression of solidarity for Asian business owners in the Asian community at-large who have been negatively impacted by the increase in anti-Asian sentiment.

I participated in the press conference and I told Congressman Green that it was just about one year ago when he came to Chinatown and since then we have had more than one-half million people who have lost their lives and a lot of our local businesses have suffered heavily. Today this hate sentiment really gives us even more pain. I told my community brothers and sisters that we have one proposal and two demands: we need to be united to get more people involved in our community and let them have more resources and information. We demand that our federal and local law enforcement agencies give us more protection and the federal government’s relief fund needs to benefit all our locally owned small businesses.

America is our home, our hope and our future.