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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 06/07

大俠行天下日記  我見我聞我思  06/07

我見 我思 我聞

房物價上漲 非民之福

今年四月份之房價統計,全國房價比去年同期上漲了百方之二十二點二,在同一時期 房物消售量增加了百分之三十八點二,而房屋出售量減少了百分之四十八點三, 可說是供不應求之窘境。

今晨在一家全國知名之連鎖餐廳用早餐,同樣之餐價格比疫情前足足增加了一倍, 從五元九十九分到今天的十一元九十分,和一位從事建築的友人獲知木材價格已經上漲了三倍,從亞洲到美國的海運费也漲了三倍之多。

新冠病毒澈底擊敗了世界経濟之格局,我們要呼籲拜登總統要正視目前國內物價及房價之高漲, 造成之通貨膨脹及民眾之苦難, 我們看到一群無法住房的白領在加州聖地牙哥、舊金山 睡在汽車𥚃,是何等之諷刺。

今天我們必須要重新考慮和中國在內的許多國家正在進行的貿易關稅戰,大家如果到各大超市去,百分之九十之產品是中國和亞洲製造,換言之,這些產品制造業是無法在短時間或未來搬回美國, 目前美國實施之關稅還是加在消費者身上,因而造成物價飛漲之原因。



National Housing Shortage And Rising Prices

According to a national survey, home prices nationwide were up 22.2 % from a year ago last April. At the same time, the number of homes sold rose 38.2% and the number of home sales fell 48.3%.

When I walked into one of the country’s most famous national restaurants this morning to eat breakfast, the grand pancake plate now costs $11.88. The cost has doubled compared with last year. One of my home builder friends told me that the lumber prices have gone up three times with all other related items also skyrocketing in price. How can he build a house for sale without making profit? We saw a lot of white collar workers having to sleep in their cars because they cannot even lease an apartment in San Diego or San Francisco. This is such a big joke for us being the world’s richest country.

We are here to urge President Biden to take reasonable steps to negotiate tariff prices with our trading partners around the world, especially with China.

I remember many years ago when Senator Phil Graham said that we should feel very happy when we all walk into a Walmart store. We can get everything we want, but we have to remember that most of these products are made overseas, especially in China. When the U.S. raises tariffs, all the consumers will suffer.

Today we might be slowly getting out of the coronavirus pandemic, but we are facing more challenges in the future.

We urge President Biden to look at the bottom of our society. They are still suffering.