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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 07/19

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 07/19

我見 我思我聞


隨著全美各地之疫情持續改善 已經悶得發慌的民眾開始了他們重返正常生活的步伐德州在這次經濟復甦之大境中吸引了無數各地居民每日以一萬一千人搬到德州之速度許多人在德州一房難求 房價飛漲 是德州历史上之罕見


老四川這個已經擦亮了的老字號從芝加哥中國城出發 已經創造了華人餐廳的驚人成就 胡老闆的步伐已經走出依里諾州走進密尼蘇打州 康乃狄克州如今再踏上了經濟蓬勃的美南德州

我在參加開幕剪綵活動中向胡董表示熱烈的祝賀和歡迎他的企業不但增加了我們的就業機會 更表現了我們華人在艱難之境中仍然衝破萬難 繼續創業 是美國少數族裔對美國經濟貢獻的佐証

記得当年我們上一代的留學生趙寧博士所寫的留美生活記讲述多少年留学生在餐廳打工的故事 時至今日我們都是過來人


當疫情逐漸好轉之時老四川加入了德州華人餐飲企業之行列 我們伸出雙臂歡迎胡董事長 並祝願他在德州再創事業高峰

Tony Hu’s Sze Chaun Cuisine  Comes To Texas

The very first Lao Sze Chaun restaurant opened in 1998 in Chicago’s Chinatown. The owner and chef Tony Hu strongly prides himself on providing transitional Sichuan cuisine with high quality ingredients. In 1999, his restaurant was recognized by The Chicago Tribune as “one of the best” recovering, and therefore, a rating that was considered a prominent accomplishment for Chinese restaurants.

Today, Tony Hu has opened his first restaurant in Katy, Texas. Many Chinese community leaders were in attendance and joined him at his grand opening and warmly welcomed him to Texas.

Over the last several centuries, Chinese cuisine was brought to the world by many Chinese immigrants. Of course, in North America the Chinese restaurants do not only provide delicious food, but the dining experience also represents Chinese culture.

Before I came to America, I had been reading restaurant stories written by Dr. Ling Chao. His book mentioned the interesting stories of how young students worked in the restaurants. After many of us came to America, many of us had similar experiences.

Today we have 11,000 people moving to Texas every day. Never before has the economy boomed liked it is going today. Housing is in high demand and many new businesses are moving to Texas.

We all welcome Tony and his first restaurant in Katy. He said many more will come.

We are so proud of him. His is the immigrant success story representing many of us who came over here to work very hard and make big contributions to our country.

Texas is the land of opportunity and many Asian-Americans chose it as their new home. We appreciate the opportunity in this country and we love our nation.