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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 07/23

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 07/23



當新的變種病毒再次出現 白宮和衛健官員正在積極討論是否要求全國國民重新戴上口罩 不戴口罩的建議是國家疾管中心的建議 但是這個情況目前正在改變中

最近的三角洲變形病毒感染百分之八十的病患 而這些染上的人大多沒有接種疫苗

是否強制戴口罩在美國已經變成了一個政治議題 許多共和黨執政的州和市大多反對白宮和疾管中心的建議 他們認為這牽涉到個人之穩私和自由 白宮方面也在衡量如何拿揑這項戴口罩之行動

我們要提醒華府政客及地方行政官員 科學証明疫苗可以防止病毒是千真萬確之事實 試想如果今天我們沒有疫苗 美國會變成什麼樣 還不知道還有多少人死於疫情

我們更要向那些不願打疫苗的人表示嚴重的抗議和不滿 今天你們染上病毒會傳染給那些無法接種的孩童 他們是無辜的

是否要打疫苗 絶不是個政治問題而是科學認證的事實 全世界還有絕大部分之國家根本拿不到疫苗 而我們可以隨時可得 而不去珍惜 怪哉!

Wearing Of Masks Becomes A Political Issue

The White House and top health officials are holding a meeting to discuss the revising of mask recommendations for vaccinated Americans as the Delta variant spreads throughout the nation.

Officials want to weigh whether the guidance should be revisited after the CDC dropped the mask mandate for vaccinated individuals earlier this year. The White House had said they would follow CDC recommendations, but now that the Delta variant makes up over 80% of cases in the U.S., officials have to weigh whether vaccinated people should begin wearing masks again indoors.

State and local health officials were mixed on whether they wanted an additional mandate recommendation from the federal government. Some Republican state officials said their states were unlikely to follow any sort of new masking guidance regardless of an increase in cases.

It is very regretful that the masking is becoming a political issue. We really don’t understand why many people don’t believe in getting vaccinated. It is good for them and most importantly, it is good for others.

Today we still have so many young people that have not been vaccinated. They are in danger and we have to seriously consider them.

Most of the countries around the world don’t have enough vaccine, or they don’t have any at all, but in America everybody can get vaccinated.

Let’s face the scientific method, not just the political issue.