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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 07/27/2021

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 07/27/2021

我見 我思 我聞


德州州議會議長菲勒今天簽署一項拘捕令,將對聖安東尼地區选出之民主黨州議員柯德進行逮捕, 柯德日前從華府返回議會, 但是週日又重返華府加入其他五十位的民主黨議員, 旨在抗議德州議會要强行通過新的投票案。

這項通緝令執行上有困難, 因為他們都身處外州 ,這批目前暫居華盛頓的民主黨州議會議員希望州議會無法達到法定人數 ,而無法通過新的法案。

當他們集體離開奧斯丁前往華府之後, 由共和黨控制之議會立即發佈希望他們回到議會之通令,但是他們已經離開德州 ,州法令是不可能到外州把他們逮捕回來開會。

目前正在進行的臨時州議會將在八月六日結束 ,但是艾伯特州長堅持立即再加開 臨时會, 繼續討論新的投票法。

近年來, 德州之政治版圖有了重大之變化, 新的居民和移民不斷增加 ,到目前之统計 ,每月有一萬一千外來人,湧進徳州,主要的大城市幾乎是民主黨人之天下, 而非城市地區仍然是共和黨之死忠部隊 ,他們正遭受威脅, 希望縮緊公民投票方式, 改變以往通訊或不下車可投票之規定。

如今五十一位民主黨代表『逃亡」外州, 以阻擋法案通過, 也真是民主政治的鬧劇了。

Texas House Speaker Signs Arrest Warrant For Democrat

Texas House speaker Dade Phelan signed a civil warrant for the arrest of San Antonio democratic state representative Philip Cortez who rejoined his colleagues in DC.

The warrant is not likely to have a legal impact since Texas law lacks jurisdiction outside of the state. More than 50 House Democratic representatives left the state and flew to DC to block Republicans from having the quorum needed to pass a new voting bill.

Cortez chairs the House Urban Affairs Committee and didn’t reply to the warrant and said that this is his duty to do everything he can to stop this harmful legislation.

The current special session is slated to end on August 6 and the Democrats said they don’t plan to return to Texas. But Governor Greg Abbott said he plans to call another special session to get his priority legislation passed.

In the last few years the political landscape of Texas has changed rapidly. Many newcomers and immigrants are coming to Texas and most of them are Democrats. Republicans are losing their majority control in many of the state’s urban areas.

We really want to see this political drama come to an end soon. Our state is still facing so many challenges and we need the lawmakers to solve our problems.