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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 08/06

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 08/06



休斯敦市長特納和哈里斯郡郡長哈達.果同時宣布從今天開始大休斯敦地區將進入紅色警戒 呼籲全市市民加強對疫情之管制和防範工作 並建議市民留在家中 如果在工作场所必须要打過疫苗

郡長哈達果在記者會上非常強烈要求居民一定要立即接種疫苗 他勸告大家這是科學上的根據無關於政黨傾向

休斯敦浸信會醫院主任護士泰勒表示 送到醫院來的重症患者百分之九十八大部分都未接種疫苗 這是害人而不利己的行為

目前在全市的醫院正有不斷增加的病患 而在全美各地 德州和佛羅里達州是情形最的兩大州

我們要再次大聲疾呼那些還沒有接種疫苗的人 是無知或是對自己生命開玩笑 过去十九個月的疫情還不夠慘嗎 光是美國就已經有六十六萬人死於新冠病毒 這是多麼可怕的數字

美國全國為何造成如此難予控制之場面 主要原因還是中央和地方不同道 許多共和黨當政的州大部分不願配合中央疫情單位之指挥 他們不願強制人民戴囗罩 他們覺得是件礙自由的行為

我們對大休斯敦再次宣佈進入紅色警戒表示支持 人命關天 那些不願注射的人 希望他們三思 要為他們家人 朋友及市民著想 你們就別太自私了吧

We Are Entering The RED Level Again

Mayor Turner and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo raised the COVID-19 threat level to RED Thursday afternoon as the Delta variant has increased hospitalizations over the past month.

Hidalgo said, “It’s straining our staff, it’s straining our hospitals and it’s imposing heartbreak and anxiety into so many families in Harris County.”

She urged everyone eligible for the vaccine to go and be vaccinated. She also recommended that all people should put on masks no matter whether you already have been vaccinated or not.

Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Shaun Waters died after contracting COVID-19 on Sunday. This is the fifth Sheriff’s office employee to die after contracting the virus.

This is so very sad. A lot of people still don’t want to be vaccinated. They are really putting themselves and many other people’s lives in danger. We really need to learn from this tragedy. More than six hundred and sixty thousand people in the U.S. have lost their lives to the COVID-19 and the damage to our economy and communities has been so great.

The COVID-19 pandemic has now caused a political crisis in our state. The Texas governor and local authorities have completely different views on how to control the virus. On Tuesday, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner directed all city employees to wear masks inside city buildings despite Governor Abbott’s executive order to the contrary.