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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 10/15/2021

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 10/15/2021

我見 我聞 我思

貨櫃危機 經濟堪憂

拜登總統目前正面對諸多挑戰 其中又加一項貨櫃危機 數以百計的貨輪正在海上停留 無法下數以百萬計之貨櫃 這將嚴重影響聖誕節供貨及全國之物價高漲

總統已經下令以九十天时間全面解決這次之危機 並下令從即起洛杉磯港口要七天二十四小時營業 由於疫情減緩 全球貨物之需求增加 但是沒有充夠之貨輪運送因而造成運費之飛漲

政府官員和全國最大供應商沃馬 聯邦快遞達成協議將加班加點加強貨物之運送工作 同時政府將放寬對貨車司機取得駕照之要求 希望鐵路及公路都能增加班次來疏散貨運之暢通 事實上 其中重要的原因之一就是我們嚴重缺乏駕駛司機

目前滯留在海上的貨輪 已經造成美國消費市場之重大影響 尤其是節日即將來到 在許多商家已経沒有多少存貨 這種連鎖反應 將導致通貨膨脹及物價上升

今天我們面臨的是一個全球性的經濟問題 過去幾十年來 全球經濟已經結合為一體 相互關係更日愈加深 如果我們沒有全球視野之觀點來共同解決問題 只有我們這些老百姓受苦了

Stalled Ship Cargos And The Supply Chain Crisis

Today millions of shipping containers are stacked up at American ports from the west coast to the east coast. President Biden has stepped up the efforts to relieve the supply chain nightmare that has led to the untimely delays and storage of goods. And now as a result, prices will be going up and will threaten to slow down the economic recovery.

The White House is trying to work with companies and the ports to alleviate bottlenecks and the port of Los. Angles will now be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week bringing it into line with operations at the port of Long Beach. Those two west coast ports are handling 40 % of the container traffic into the US.

Because of the economic recovery, the ports around the world are very congested. Shipping costs have soared and companies wanting to move goods around the world are struggling because there are just not enough ships or containers available.

President Biden met with a group of business executives and union representatives and discussed collective efforts to address the global problem.

Another pressing issue is that a shortage of truck drivers has added to the supply chain constraints making the delivery of goods to consumers even  more costly.

We think this is a worldwide issue since the pandemic has attacked all of the countries. All of the factories have faced many very difficult problems. The world is a global village now and we are all interdependent on each other. Unless we can all work together, we are going to face even more challenges in the future.