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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 10/21

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 10/21

我見 我思 我聞


輝瑞公司向國家疾管中心提出對五到十一歲孩童施打疫苗的申請 可能即將批准 佔總人口百分之二十的全國孩童預計在十一月上旬將全面接受施打疫苗 這將為全國疫情解除重大之危機

根據輝瑞公司之報告 孩童們接受之疫苗只有成人的三分之一該公司已經向加拿大送出了四千六百萬劑 他們將對孩童施打 在此同時 輝瑞也正在對五歲以下之嬰兒們進行測試 並期待會在近期內得到結果

我們應該非常慶幸辉瑞再次展現它在疫苗防治工作上之巨大成就 拯救了美國及全世界之孩童人口

自從疫情擴散以來 雖然成人首先接種了疫苗 但是每個家庭有孩童的父母都生活在極度擔憂之情況下 不論上學 上街 集會都有感染之可能 事實證明 目前確诊者許多都是孩童

雖然許多家庭仍然反對給自己子女施打疫苗 我們希望政府和醫療單位要多多疏導 今天我們面臨的是事關每一個人的危機 不要做些不利己而又害人的行為 要相信科學驗證 才是正確之選擇

Vaccine For Kids Is Coming

Since March 2020 when the pandemic shut down school offices across the nation, parents have been so worried about their children getting sick. Today we are still dealing with the fear more than a year later.

Pfizer has asked the CDC and the FDA to approve the first Covid -19 vaccine for children ages five to eleven years old. As soon as they get the green light, more than 20% of the U.S. population of children will get vaccinated.

Like adults, children also can transmit the coronavirus to others even if they are infected and have no symptoms. Getting the vaccine can protect the child and others reducing the chance that they can transmit the virus to others, including family members and friends.

According to health experts, as early as the first week of November the vaccine will start going into the arms of all children.

We are so glad the vaccine is coming for our kids. This will be a big change and make our community more safe and give all the parents more peace of mind.