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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/6

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 12/6


德州各族裔社區領袖應邀於週日下午在休斯敦國際貿易中心參加社區經濟繁榮座谈會, 討論疫情期間如何應對社區面臨之未來挑戰。

前赫里斯郡县長埃克也參加座談 ,並和社區領袖們充分交換意見。

多年來 ,大休斯敦及德州各大城市和鄉鎮地區湧進了四百多萬之居民, 世界頂尖公司也紛紛搬到德州, 來自世界各地尤其是亞裔新移民更為德州経濟作出重大貢獻。

參加座談會的還有來自華裔、 韓離、 印裔、 尼伯爾裔、 日裔 、拉丁裔及主流社區之領袖。

集會中大家認為金融體系及中小企業是當前社區繁榮之主要支柱,埃克縣長目前正在推動休斯敦和達拉斯間的子彈列車計劃, 此工程將對美國和德州経済帶來重大影響。

過去十五年來, 休斯敦國際區之成立, 已經成為社區繁榮發展之典範, 我們如何把一塊落後荒蕪之地, 改變為中小企業落戶之地。


ITC Community Leaders Meeting

 Many Texas community leaders were invited to the Houston International Trade Center on Saturday to discuss how to promote the local economy through financial institutions. 

In the last ten years more than four million people have moved to Texas. We are becoming one of the most important economic powers in the nation, especially in Harris County and the greater Houston area. More than one million Asians and other immigrants have come to this region. 

Over fifteen years ago we created the Houston International District with the assistance from our state representative Hubert Vo. We changed this thirteen-square-mile-area from a depressed area to one of the most prosperous districts. 

Our community meeting tonight included a very diverse group including business leaders from the Chinese, Korean, Indian, Japanese, Latino and Nepalese communities. We all agreed that we need more financial institutions to help more small businesses. 

Judge Robert Eckels also attended the meeting. He is working on building the bullet train between Houston and Dallas. This project will make a big impact on the Texas economy.