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美國新冠肺炎抗疫日記 3/31/2020 豈可獨善其身?

美國新冠肺炎抗疫日記 3/31/2020 豈可獨善其身?

美國及全世界正陷入一場從二次大戰以來最大的生存危機 ,號稱世界第一強國美國正面臨前所未有的挑戰,新冠肺炎的確診人數已近二十萬,死亡人數也已超過三千人。

截至目前為止還在為測試劑及醫療器材㧓荒,经總統下令要全美大型企業動起來,加入製造呼吸機及口罩行列。 川普總統每天在白宮的記者會,希望安撫人心,但是面對記者之詢問,也無法對目前各地真正的慘狀做出合理之解答。

紐約這座世界最重要的城市是世界經濟政治及媒體中心, 州長柯孟今天大聲求援,希望全國各地退休醫師及護理人員能侭快加入救援行列,他預期紐約州之災情在本週會更加惡化。


               Let's Handle It Together  

The crisis of the coronavirus has created the biggest challenge for the United States and the world. Deaths in the United States have already passed 3,000 we still have a shortage of masks and medical devices. President Trump has asked all the big companies to join the effort to make more medical equipment even though in his daily news conference he tried to claim the nation will be back to work by April, but in reality, the next day we wake up, we are still facing the crisis.

In New York City, the most important city in the world, New York Governor Como has asked retired medical doctors and nurses to come to back to New York to join the rescue team . He predicted the worst is yet to come.

 The world’s most powerful country is the United States of America. Since Trump became president, the government started a trade war with China and our allies. We canceled a lot of foreign aid and we recalled 36 CDC representatives from around the world. With all this action, we wanted to be “America First,” but now that this crisis has attacked the world, how can we still remain isolated ?