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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 0110

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 0110

疫情擴散 我們沒有悲觀的權利

為了迎接虎年之到來 我們準備一系列之慶祝活動因疫情之繼續擴散 勢必要停辦 但是我們仍然將透過電視网路傳媒在缐上舉行

兩年多來 新冠病毒已經打亂了我們社會的秩序 截止今天為止 全球死亡人數已經高達五百四十八萬人 美國死亡已突破八十三萬六千人 新的奧米克卯病毒每天平均染疫人數至少在五十萬人以上 這個可怕的數字正在使許多公衛專家束手無策

全國檢測中心還是在排長隊 政府允諾的居家測試劑仍然無法全面分配 全美有十萬病患正湧進緊急救援醫院

我們眼看這波疫情再一次考驗拜登政府之應變能力 雖然總統一再呼籲大家一定要去打疫苗 數千萬人仍然視若無睹 他們難道沒有看見那些送進急救中心的人 絕大部分都是沒有接種疫苗的人

眼看美國和歐美西方國家似乎已經無技可施 只有等待全體免疫一天之到來 這是多麼悲哀的時刻啊

我們仍要大力呼籲大家要特別自我防護 除了打足加強針之外 盡量避免去人群擁擠之地方 並且一定要戴好口罩 做好勤洗手之衛生工作

這是一場人類浩劫 也許對人類過度開發地球的一次控訴和反擊

今晨在紐約布朗區之公寓又有十九名孩童被大火吞噬 真是令人哀痛 人生悲劇在不斷上演

面對未來 我們大家都沒有悲觀的權利 不論任何艱難 還是要努力不懈的面對挑戰

We Have No Right To Be Pessimistic

In order to welcome the year of the Tiger we are preparing a series of outdoor celebrations. Due to the continued spread of the epidemic, it is necessary to postpone the in-person events, but we will still hold them by way of streaming live on TV and on the internet.

Over the past two years, Covid-19 has greatly interrupted the order of our society. As of today, the number of deaths worldwide has reached 5.48 million. The number of deaths in the United States has exceeded 836,000. The average number of infected people has reached at least over one-half million. This terrible number is making many health experts feel very helpless.

We are still seeing many long lines at the Covid-19 testing centers. The Covid-19 home testing kits promised by the government are still not fully distributed. More than 100,000 people daily are still pouring into emergency rooms of hospitals all over the country.

Although President Biden has strongly urged and called on people repeatedly to get vaccinated, tens of millions of people still turn a blind eye to getting the shot. Why don’t they understand that most of the people who are going to the hospital are people who are not vaccinated?

We still strongly appeal to everyone to take special self-protection measures, including  wearing your masks, washing your hands frequently and avoid going to crowded public places.

Today there is more sad news from New York City. This morning, 19 people were swallowed up by a five-alarm fire in a large, 8-story apartment building.

This is really a very sad moment. This is a human tragedy for all of us. We still need to face reality, no matter how difficult it may become. We have no right to be pessimistic.