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大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 01/14

大俠行天下日記 我見我聞我思 01/14


居住在達拉斯現年八十三歲的曾祖母芭布拉伊格蘭女士目前正在哈佛大學濟系苦讀 ,希望拿到博士學位 她的故事在全美傳為佳話

伊格蘭說 「我決定要繼續繁忙 否則我覺得無聊 希望走出去接受一些挑戰

當疫情持續蔓延期間 她決定一項新挑戰 回到哈佛去唸書 他認為那是一間最好最難進去的大學

這位滿頭白髪的哈佛學生每天固定晚上十點到凌晨二時半埋首讀書 目前她都在網上學習

伊格蘭女士之向學精神 在各社區激起浪花 我們常言的活到老學到老 年齡只是一個數字罷了

疫情給我們帶來太多的苦難和寂寞 尤其是許多孤單無助的年長者 伊格蘭女士是最好的榜樣 大家要努力把自已動起來

面向陽光 走進陽光 才是活在這個世界上人生之真諦我們要向所有長輩們說聲多多保重

Great Grandmom Goes Back To Harvard

83-year--old Dallas great grandmom Barbara Ingram recently went back to school again. She said, “I still want to be able to go out and be challenged. I got bored. And I decided that I needed to do something mentally to stay busy.”                                                             

She decided to take on a new challenge and went back to Harvard University. She said, “It was the best school I could go to and the hardest school I felt I could go to.”

This grandmom started an online course. She had her own routine. She started her studies  at night at 10:00 pm and studied until 2:30 am in the morning. She is taking the course online, but eventually wants to visit the campus.

She says she loves to study so much, but that she feels almost guilty with all of the sadness in the pandemic world.

Ingram says her message to all seniors is that, “Age is just a number.”

Today in this pandemic time we feel so sorry for a lot of people, especially the seniors. We want them to know that you need to act and be active in your life.

Great grandmom Barbara Ingram shows us what she is doing. These days our society needs more positive images to lead us to a better life, both mentally and physically.