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美國新冠疫情日記 4/22/2020 德州開業 油價崩跌

美國新冠疫情日記 4/22/2020   德州開業 油價崩跌


  德州開業 油價崩跌




川普總統再度宣布撥款近五千億元為中小企業紓困,並將在近期內宣佈啟動美國的國家基礎建設, 這也是拯救經濟的最後一招了。


      Texas To Open For Business As Oil Plunges To Historic Low

Texas Governor Abbott announced that the state of Texas will open partially for business starting this Friday. All retail stores can open, but will be limited to roadside pickup. The state also announced the opening of all the state parks, but the Governor asked all people to still keep practicing social distancing and to wear a mask in all the public areas.

Yesterday, the price of west Texas crude oil collapsed to its lowest price point in history. The main reason for the dramatic drop is that the demand is almost gone at the same time the whole world is suffering from the attack of the Coronavirus pandemic.

As the oil capital of the world, our hometown Houston will be suffering with over more than five hundred oil-related companies going out of business. President Trump has also just announced another 480 billion dollars to rescue small businesses. The White House is also considering to start a national infrastructure project to stimulate the failing U.S. economy.

In the early 1960’s, President Bush’s family moved to west Texas to explore the energy business venture that has lasted for so many years. The Bush family created a long-standing political and economic legend in American history.