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美國新冠疫情日誌4/24/2020 處變不驚 勇往直前

美國新冠疫情日誌4/24/2020  處變不驚 勇往直前

               處變不驚 勇往直前

美國喬治亞州及歐洲丹麥今天正式開放商業活動,包括德州在內的美國二十个州也從今天開始局部開放營業, 美國藥物監管局今天也正式批准一種新的測試劑彼舍,可以用於家庭測試新冠病毒,全世界的醫療機構更在加足馬力硏發新的疫苗和藥物來對抗這場人類從未面臨的浩劫。



      Keep Calm And Be Brave

 The  State of Georgia and the country of Denmark in Europe today opened for business, including restaurants,  shopping centers and barber shops in America. More than 20 states starting today will open shopping malls and will let customers use sidewalk pick up services. This coming Monday, Texas Governor Abbott will announced the opening of other businesses. Also today, the FDA has approved a new test kit called
Pixel which is a nasal swab kit developed and sold by LabCorp. Pixel can be used at home to test Coronavirus. Medical teams around the world are working day and night trying to discover a medicine to fight and cure this disease now the biggest challenge facing mankind.

  As we here in America face this sad time, the countries around the global have their own agendas. From the Middle East, Iran is challenging American war ships. Russia is intervening into Syria. And no one really knows what is happening in the elusive country of North Korea. Kim Jong Un’s death will surely create a big political turmoil in that country. War carriers in the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait are facing military conflict with China.

U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo has urged all nations to hold China accountable for the Coronavirus pandemic. President Trump now is facing strong challenges from news reporters at the White House news briefings.

We as ordinary citizens are not only facing economic difficulty, but also are faced with political uncertainty in these difficult times.

We hope the politicians around the world will make wise decisions. Otherwise, all the world will end up in disaster.