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美國新冠疫情日誌5/11/2020 爱心必可战胜野心

美國新冠疫情日誌5/11/2020  爱心必可战胜野心




正當包括休斯敦華亞裔在內的全國各大城市已經不斷發起捐獻醫療物資及送午餐之活動,也爲貧苦家庭學生捐贈平板電腦 、衣物用品,這些義舉正在社會各階層熱烈進行中。



Love Spreads In Our Community

Last weekend we witnessed hundreds of refugee families as they received many food and household goods from our Mayor Turner and also from my good friend Raymond Morton, the  founder of the Hawa Foundation.

I have known Raymond for many years. He was born in Burma and moved to Houston many years ago. When the coronavirus attacked our city, he had to close his door, but he still opened his heart to help many suffering poor families.

I also received an email from my Jewish friend Matt Trusch saying that he is doing a fund raiser for the Jewish community. Matt use to live in Shanghai for many years and prefers to speak Mandarin. He is in the white wine business and contributes to many charity events.

Today, along with Houston and many major cities around the country, Chinese and Asian community groups have donated large numbers of medical-related equipment worth millions of dollars. Tens of thousands of lunch boxes have been given out to front line workers along with hundreds of computers to kids in poor families. The donations still continue going on in different communities.

When we look at the world political stage, with many politicians telling lies and pointing fingers at each other, they ignore the people’s interests and only have their own political ambitions in mind.

We as the citizen of this great nation have full confidence that we need to extend our hands out to help each other and give back something to those many needy families. 

When the time comes, we need to make the right decision to rebuild our country.

May love be spread to our society.