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美国新冠疫情日记5/15/2020 我们怎麽来分这块大饼

美国新冠疫情日记5/15/2020  我们怎麽来分这块大饼





在首都华府正在流行一句话“国会诸公从来没有如此之高效率来通过这些天文数字之预算案”, 因为他们后院已经失火,如果不再拯救处于水深火热之选民,他们的官位也不再保。


       How Do We Spend $3 Trillion Dollars?

In the U.S. House, Democrats sponsored a $3 trillion dollar coronavirus bill and will bring it to Congress for a vote. Even if it passes through Congress, the Senate will not agree on it. But sooner or later, the bill will pass and President Trump will sign it.

Our country right now is facing the most unprecedented economic downturn in modern history.  More than thirty million people are out of a job and the unemployment rate has climbed to almost twenty percent. Local and state governments are almost out of funds. Just within a short three months, our great nation has turned upside down.

We all know that this three trillion dollars is our taxpayers’ money. This money was paid by all taxpayers to the federal government for elected officials to just carry out their duty to run the government.

In Washington, such “efficiency” had never been seen before in the passing of the coronavirus emergency bill because politicians know the voters are suffering right in their own backyards. If they can’t come to the rescue in a short time, these politicians may not get re-elected.

Today, for us as minority Asian-Americans, it is time like never before that we need to unite as a political action group, to speak up and use our votes and money and get a fair  share of interest in this time of national disaster.

The time has come when we need to choose our candidates very wisely because they are the ones who control our future.