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美國新冠疫情日記06/20 Celebrating Father’s Day

美國新冠疫情日記06/20 Celebrating Father’s Day

Celebrating Father’s Day Remembering My Dad

This Saturday morning there is a light rain falling in Houston, Texas. We are still worried about the Coronavirus pandemic spreading out into our community. The county government will now enforce the mask rule requiring all residents to wear their masks when they are out celebrating Father’s Day. Everybody in their life has had different experiences with their dad. Unfortunately, some people were born without knowing their father, or they were raised with a single parent. This also has become one of our big social issues. And many have come from broken families.

My dad passed away when he was just in his 60’s. Because in his generation they were experiencing war, they had to leave their hometowns and go to foreign lands and fight for survival in a different culture and lifestyle. My dad didn’t have the opportunity to use his talents. But he always wanted the next generation to have a better future.

When I was a kid, I saw my dad use cotton and starch to write on a big piece of cloth that was two feet wide with Chinese words printed in a bright red color. This banner was handed out on the street or at wedding parties. In my heart I felt that my dad was such a great artist and calligrapher. As a kid, I would hide behind my dad’s back and try to read the newspaper with him. I would ask him questions about current events until I fell into sleep.

Many years later my parents arranged for me to attend a middle school in a nearby city so I could get more education. I remember when my dad would leave me at the school, I would hold onto him and cry. I didn’t want him to leave. That was the first time that I really experienced the love of my family.

For almost the next half century I was by myself, either in school or struggling in my business world. During that time, I was not able to spend too much time with my dad, but he always wrote me letters with beautiful brush calligraphy to try and encourage me to fight for future.

My dad left us many years ago, but I still hang his calligraphy writings on the wall. Today I looked at that beautiful paper again, especially now before Father’s Day. I felt so touched and just cried again.

In the last several decades my whole family, including my wife, my brother and sisters, are all in the media business, trying to be of service to the society. We all think Dad should be very happy and proud in heaven that we have accomplished his dream that he was not able to finish in his lifetime.

Happy Father’s Day. We all need to cherish what we have today.


             ---  寫在父親節節前夕





在我的孩提時代,有天我見到父親在家中准備了一桶用米熬成的水漿糊,地上鋪有白布,他要我幫忙拉直,于是他用棉花團粘下漿糊,在布上塗寫了一個大喜字,並加上百年好合四個大字, 寫妥後再塗上紅色土漆,完工後一幅秀麗挺拔的大型賀儀大布條,令我們都露出了成功的微笑,在我幼小的心中,對父親之書法和才華十分震撼 ,在我幼年成長之時代,父母因國內戰亂,他們得離鄉背井,遠走他鄉,但是父親對自己故有文化從未忘懷,每天就寢前都在床上閱讀當天的日報, 渴望得知天下事,我總是躲在其背,窺視他手中之報紙,並不時請教些內容,常常就在報紙堆中進入夢鄉。






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