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美国新冠疫情日记 11/19

美国新冠疫情日记 11/19

New Media - LED Big Screen

Southern News Group has created a “Big Screen LED.” It officially started up today in front of our World Headquarters on Bellaire Blvd.

This huge LED with an 18ft. x 10 ft. screen will have many functions in the future. We will carry the up-to-date world and local news every day and we will let people know what is going on right next to them.

We will also feature public service announcements including messages from the county and the city.

This huge LED also is going to be used as an advertisement board for our Southern News Group clients and they will have the opportunity to put their business messages up on the screen.

According to the county traffic count on Bellaire Blvd., at least 27,000 vehicles pass by our World Headquarters location every day.

We are so proud that this LED will connect our community in many areas, especially in our International District. We will use many languages to promote community activities and we also will create an International Who’s Who list we will compile from those outstanding business leaders featured on the screen.

Southern News Group is very happy and proud to use this new technology in this new media age.

    新媒体LED 大屏幕正式啟用

美国传媒世界总部在休斯敦百利大道上树立的巨型LED 大屏今天正式啟用 这项结合新闻、社区及客服之新媒体将為休斯敦西南区增添色彩。





值此媒体资讯网路爆炸的时代, 我们将尽全力透过直接媒体大屏幕,以艷丽色彩传递各种信息。

今天在我们的大屏幕上 再度播出市政府有关疫情的红色警戒希望大家少出门戴口罩、 勤洗手。

我们非常高兴今天能把大屏新媒体推向社区美南传媒以日报电视 黄页 网站 大屏幕结合各种新媒体做了最完美的结合, 希望在未来发展过程中再放异彩。