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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 03/29

大侠行天下日记  我见我闻我思 03/29

我见 我闻 我思



一年来难挨的日子,我们大家都体验过了,我们号称全球最强大的国家,近百分之十的国民确诊新冠病毒,五十多万人失去了宝贵生命,多少人的父母兄弟亲友们在痛苦哀伤之中,餐桌上少了一个亲人,一些熟悉的笑声再也听不到,这场浩劫夺走了人们的希望 ......



各位亲爱的弟兄姊妹们,我们大家一定要撑住,我们一定要共同来支持爱护和参与社区和国家的公共事务,决不可置身事外,因為这𥚃就是我们的家园, 多少人奉献了自已的青春才干和年华。


辛丑年 於休斯敦

Welcome Spring And New Hope

We are here to formally welcome the springtime. Last month because of the snow storm our favorite kumquat tree and azaleas are almost gone. Only the plum tree is still alive in my garden. My gardener told me that they might come back some day. We really hope they will bloom again in the near future.

For the whole of last year we were really suffering. In every corner of our nation more that ten percent of our people were confirmed with the coronavirus and more than one-half million citizens lost their lives. They were our friends, parents, brothers and sisters. It is such a shame when we claim to be the richest country in the world that this virus just got out of control. Many families were left with empty seats at the dinner table because they lost their love ones. Many people lost their jobs and lost their lifestyles Such a tragedy has brought our nation into the dark.

On January 20 we finally changed the leadership in the White House. President Biden kept his promise to get 100 million people vaccinated within fifty days. Most of our citizens will get vaccinated before May 1 of this year.

Finally, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but now another wave of anti-Asian discrimination cases have spread all over our country and that has made our community feeling very unsafe.

My dear brothers and sisters, most of us came to this land with new hope and we spent our whole lives and talent to help build this great nation. This is our home.

All of us need to hold our hands together and be united. We are looking for a brighter future. One day our Azaleas and Kumquats will blossom again.