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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 06/12

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 06/12

我见 我思 我闻



七国高峯会议是二次大战以来对主要国家之重大挑战和考验 拜登和英加拿大领䄂亲切问候是想消除川时代对欧洲盟邦造成之隔阂并决定共同捐赠十亿支疫苗救助相关国家





Multilateralism Is Back

President Biden met the leaders of the world’s advanced economies in Falmouth,   England, and tried to restore a transitional relationship with the American alliances.

In the meantime, the gathering nations will pledge to donate one billion doses of vaccines to the world.

Biden has sought to restore the relationship between the alliances after four years of being fractured under the Trump administration.

As Prime Minister Merkel said, “We are happy that the American President is present here. Being able to meet Joe Biden is obviously important because he stands for the commitment to multilateralism which we were missing in recent years. We will find the values based on multilateralism which will lead to disputes with Russia, and in some aspects also with China.”

We are so glad President Biden is taking action to address the world’s issues,  especially in this pandemic period. So many countries are suffering and these are   really global issues.

We just can’t avoid the problems and just isolate in our own backyards.

We also hope the G-7’s powerful economies can find the solutions to fight for our common future.

This is a global village and nobody can deny it.