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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 09/10

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 09/10

我见 我思 我闻


随着疫情扩散拜登总统正在考虑在秋天后强制施打疫苗 以阻止病毒之猖獗


根据华府邮报之民意调查 到八月底為止 民眾对拜登处理疫情之民意支持已经降到百分之五十二 比去年同期下降了十个百分点 对疫情之挑战是拜登最主要的施政方针 对他做的政治声望有密切的影响

医疗专家们认為疫情难予控制之区域还是在学校及私人企业㘯所 自从九月份开学以来 许多学生还在争辩是否要戴上口罩 这些中小学校正面对病毒之威胁 对於注射疫苗给十二岁以下孩童还得等上几个月

从医疗数字显示 目前患有重症及死亡者 百分之九十以上皆未接种疫苗 这真是令人难予置信和费解之事

我们认為 那些仍然拒绝接种者是项极為自私而又害别人的不智行為

今天我们面对的问题已经够多了 我们大家应该团结一致来对付病毒 回到正常的生活方式 否则 以后的日子真是难予面对

New Vaccine Mandate Are Coming

President Biden will push for new vaccine mandates and testing as part of an approach to end the pandemic. He has received a new briefing from his public health team in the Oval Office.

President Biden will make a new push toward mandating vaccines including to federal employees and private businesses to mandate shots for their employees.

According to a new survey, President Biden’s poll numbers have dropped 10 % since last year from 62% to 52%. At the same time, his overall approval rate has slipped into negative territory since the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan and the slow economic recovery.

As schools opened and the students came back to class, battles over masks and vaccine requirements for older students have erupted in schools all over the country.

Health officials predict that it will be at least several months before vaccines will be authorized for children under 12.

The White House said there won’t be a mandated vaccine passport, but it has been pushing other ways to increase the vaccination rate.

According to hospital records, most people got COVID-19 because they didn’t get vaccinated. We really don’t understand why so many people still don’t believe the scientific evidence and refuse to get vaccinated.

Today our community is already facing so many problems. If the pandemic still continues here, how can we survive and ever return to our normal life?