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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/13

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/13


今天上午在美南新闻电视摄影棚迎来了休斯敦体育局执行长麻萨及世界乒乓联盟执行长布朗,及本地的华亚裔及国际社区代表, 主要是為迎接世界乒乓球锦标赛做宣传及準备工作.


做為地主国, 我们热烈参加接待工作 并且由亚裔商会会长俞斌、 西南区主席李雄、 名律师徐建勋分别在记者会中表达对此赛事之支持, 此时正逢五十年前乒乓外交拉开了中美外交之序幕, 主办方及华人社区将举办盛大庆祝活动。

我们乐见这项广受全世界热爱的乒乓球运动在美国举办, 它代表了体育是促进人民交流最好的桥樑。

美南新闻电视及新媒体将组成强大的记者团队 透过各种社群媒体向全世界报导有关比赛详情

休斯敦国际区及华埠也会张掛上各型标语 向全世界的选手和访客表示欢迎之意。

We Are Ready To Welcome The Ping Pong World Championship

Today Houston Sport Authority 's Chris Massey and Michael Brown from the International Table Tennis Federation came to visit the Southern News TV studio along with members of the media from the local Asian and international organizations. Both of them are talking about the upcoming table tennis world championship event that will take place at the Houston George R. Brown Convention Center on November 23rd to 30th.

Included at the event news conference were Mr. Kenneth Li, Chairman of the Southwest District, President Bin Yu of the Asian Chamber of Commerce and Attorney James Shu. All of them are going to support the event, especially because this is the fiftieth anniversary of “ping pong diplomacy.” Starting in1971, this was the first time the door was opened for the U.S. and China to have normal international relations.

We are so glad that this event is being held in America at this very touching time. We all hope this “people to people” sport of ping pong will lead to more peace between our countries. We really need to understand more about each other.

We as members of the news media will take this opportunity to televise the event through social media and TV so many people all over the world can watch the competitions.

In our district we also are planning to put up a banner welcoming the championship, the participants and all those visitors who will come to Houston from all over the world for this historic event.

Houston – We are ready!