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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/19

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/19

我见 我闻 我思


结识何明通博士是在七十年代休斯敦中华公所的春宴席上 我们隣位而坐 这位戴有金边眼镜打上深红色的领带 看上去就是一位彬彬有礼面带笑容的教授学者 多年来 他不但是我们侨社新闻版的要角 他一生默默服务社区 造福社会的精神 令人动容更是我们后辈学习的楷模

何博士因长期卧床 昨天下午带着他的领结走完了他最后人生之旅程 和他结缡六十年也於数月前离世的王大熙博士 同享年八十九岁

何教授伉儷是早年留美的留学生 他们在靑春年华时代来到新大陆 多年苦读得到博士后加入德州医学中心 贡献毕生所学 為社会国家做出巨大贡献

多少年来 何教授夫妇参与创设老人中心 举办大型健康讲座 这是侨社一大盛事 并且為长辈解决诸多健康问题 凡是华人同胞需要住院治疗 他一定会尽力协助安排 每次我看见眾多的华裔长辈共集一堂 共享营养午餐 谈天说地 打麻将 学国画 这都是何博士他们早年之策划和贡献

今天我们社区不断壮大 各种社团也如雨后春笋一般不断增加 华亚裔在这块土地上所做的耕耘 我们流下的汗水 是有目共睹的成就

何博士贤伉儷已经离开我们 她们交出了人生耀眼服务社区的成绩单 是我们永远的模范 我们更希望有更多的何博士会活跃在我们的社区之中 何博士夫妇已经在他们近九十载的丰沛阅歴中划下完美之句点 何博士 请你一路走好

Dr. Ho And His Red Bow Tie

I met Dr. Ben Ho in the early 1970’s at the spring banquets at the Houston Chinese Association. He was wearing a red bow tie with the gold eyeglass and with a big smile on his face. I could tell he must be a well-educated professor. After the dinner, we knew Dr. Ho was a professor at the Texas Medical Center and also chairman of the organization.

Since then he has become one of our news celebrities and his news is always on our local edition.

Dr. Ho was the founder of the Houston Chinese Senior Association and their service has sponsored so many activities and helped so many seniors to get through their medical difficulties. When people needed to go to the hospital, Dr. Ho always was there to help them to register as soon as possible. In many cases, he used his personal contacts to try and help our people.

Yesterday afternoon I received a call from our friend William Yeh who told me that Dr. Ho had passed away. I suddenly felt very sad. Dr. Ho and his wife Daisy Ho were together for sixty years. Both of them enjoyed life for 89 years. Daisy also passed away a couple of months ago.

Dr. Ho and his wife both came to America in the late 1960’s. After a lot of hard work they both got their PhD degrees and spent their whole careers in the medical research field.

They were very proud of being Chinese-American in this great land. Their contributions to our society showed how hard the new immigrants worked to build America together.

Dr. Ben Ho set a very important and high standard for all of us. Because of his loving care and dedication to our community we will remember him forever.