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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/22

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/22

物价上涨 通澎严重

拜登政府自元月二十日上任以来 整整九个月之久 无论是外交 内政及経济皆面临严重挑战 共和党包括川普在内都在虎视眈眈希望从中作梗 取得政治上之利益

由于能源和运输原材料的不断上涨 预计明年之通货膨胀会继续恶化 过去三个季度 由於新冠病毒之原因造成三分之二之货品无法正常进入美国市场

消费物品之价格上涨 除了原材料缺货之外 还有物流 能源 工资及疫情等加起来的因素所形成 这不单是我们的问题 包括墨西哥 中东 俄罗斯都面临了同样之困境

全美食物价格九月份共上涨百分之四点五 这个巨大之涨幅顕示通货膨胀之压力 华尔街人士认為这是对股市及经济的最大威胁

老实说 民主党的拜登政府是在疫情最严峻之时刻 接下了这个烂摊子 他上任后首要任务是面对新冠疫情及棘手的阿富汗撒军计划 目前更面临对国家基建及未来経济发展方案之预算案

研其原因 美国经济面临着寅吃卯粮之窘境 国家预算是在借债度日之情况 福利开支对穷人救助金额过大 如果平衡收支 是件不可能之任务

今天国际情势更加混乱 中美两大国关係未见改善 美国国内物价飞涨造成民生痛苦 拜登政府如果在明年中期国会选举失败 往后之施政将更是雪上加霜了

Inflation Is Really Beating Our Economy

A Wall Street expert said inflation is here to stay and posing a major threat to the U.S. economy. They think the number one issue facing Main Street investors is inflation and it’s pretty clear that inflation is not transitory.

To rescue the economy from the pandemic, the federal government has added more than $4 trillion dollars to the country’s balance sheet.

The U.S. inflation rate is running at a 13-year high of 5.4 percent. Food, energy and shelter costs are all rising rapidly adding more problems for people already dealing with hard times and making it more difficult for many

to buy necessary goods such as cars and dishwasher machines.

Workers are also demanding more pay increases now because they can see their wages aren’t buying as much for everyday necessities, including their rent.

Since President Biden took over the government there are so many more issues that are facing the administration including the pandemic as well as many overseas issues.

Our government continues to borrow money and this keeps the debt ceiling rising higher and higher. Just like an individual, if we don’t have enough income, we will need to keep getting loans to survive.

We really urge the Biden administration to look closely at the world situation. How to solve the inflation issue is a global problem, not just an American problem. If we don’t have a peaceful world, how can we build a global supply chain to help each other?

Time is running out for our leaders. We need to have a more effective plan to solve the global issues.