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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/23

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/23

我见 我思 我闻


今天在美南新闻广场将举办每年一度的国际区游行大会 ,这也是两年来由于疫情关係首次举行的户外活动

休斯敦国际区成立迄今已经有十五年之歷史 在十三英里的范围内 目前我们有近九百家各型中小企业 国际行政区之成立全面改变了整个社区之面貌 不但吸引了许多中小企业 也改善了社区治安及规划 今天当你们走进国际区时可以目睹亚裔 拉丁裔之各类餐厅商店及宗教寺庙及教堂 更重要的是我们已经把此当成了自己的家园

今天我们和休斯敦市民及生活在国际区的兄弟姐妹们一起参加国际区文化大游行 除了显示故国多彩文化之外 更是传递美国是个世界种族之大熔炉

游行车队及表演仪队自上午九时从美南新闻广场出发途经百利大道向西行到艾利学区 参加人数超过一千多人 共有近百辆花车在街上载歌载舞

我们非常庆幸生活在这块土地上的人 能在此次游行中再次展现自己的热情和才艺 尤其是希望疫情能早日控制住的时刻 大家都能再次聚集在一起

Annual Alief International Parade

The Annual Alief International Parade started today at the International Trade Center this morning. The event has been sponsored by the Alief Community Association for the last several years.

This event truly represents the diverse ethnic groups in our city. In this international community we have had many newcomers from all over the world. They come here to start new businesses and share their heritage. 

Since the International District was founded in this thirteen square mile area, we now have grown to almost 900 businesses. We have improved the environment and the safety of the area to promote and attract new business. More and more people now have come over and settled down here and call it their home.

We also very much appreciate our community leader Marie Lee. She was the one who has been behind this annual event and makes it all possible.

When we look at our country and today's world that is facing big challenges, we all need to unite to serve our community and help each other.

We are here to congratulate the big success of the Annual Alief International Parade. This event really represents our love of this land we call home.