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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/26

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/26

我见 我思 我闻


上週日在文化中心参加国际领袖基金会之青少年座谈会, 由该会创会会长董继璘主持 ,特邀前劳工交通部长赵小兰以本身经歷,向在座的年轻人传授為人和成 功之道, 其中令人最感动的是赵部长在其父母教诲之下成长过程, 因此她告诉这批年轻人要感谢和孝顺父母 ,他们在这个充满机会的国家, 為社会贡献自己之心力。

多少年来 ,我们也不断加入教育行列,每年举办各种文化及升学教育研讨会, 有眾多之年青学子都加入之志愿者之行列, 他们在指挥交通、 送水和便当 ,或在研讨会上讲述自己的故事, 他们的热情和贡献代表了国家和社区之未来希望。

今天在疫情和政客之操弄下, 华亜裔社区遭到空前之困境, 反亚裔事件不断在各地上演 ,但是我们决不能退缩 ,我们坚信这𥚃就是我们的家园, 我们也是这裡的主人 ,也更要立志充实自己将来要做一个对社会有用的人。

我在会上也讲述了在美国多年奋斗之経验 ,只有吃苦 耐劳, 坚持奋战目标,才能撑握自己的前途和命运。

华亚裔社区必须加强团结 ,為社区贡献力量 ,树立良好之形象才能得到社会之认同。

The Young Generation Is Our Hope

It was a great pleasure to join the ILF’s forum at the Houston Chinese Community Center. This was the first time we invited former U.S. Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao and founder of ILF Chiling Tong to meet hundreds of youngsters in Houston, Texas. 

In her speech, Secretary Chao told her story about how she as a young immigrant girl at the age 8 could not speak any English and later went on to become a United States cabinet member. She told the group of young people that they to fully appreciate their parents because they are so lucky to live in America with so many opportunities.

I also had the opportunity to talk to them about my journey in America over the last several decades. We as a media agency sponsor many cultural and educational events to encourage young people to be volunteers at many events so they can learn how to serve their community. 

Today the Asian community is facing so many challenges including economic hardship and hate crimes. We really need to be united and tell our stories about how we came here to be a part of this great nation.

We want to urge all our brothers and sisters and encourage them to have great  confidence to continue our journey together, especially for the younger generation. You all need to carry the torch for us to fight for our future because this is our country.