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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/27

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/27

我见 我闻 我思


周洁这位仁心善良的着名舞蹈家 经过多年和病魔之争斗之后 终于倒下而回到故里长眠

那是八年前在上海 由好友国会议员格林带队之下 我们二十多位来自德州的中外友人 在周洁之安排下 在五光十色的外滩登上了一艘专船 航行在黄浦江上 客舱中安排了热腾腾的火锅 大伙们除了品嚐海鲜火锅之外 更把两岸熣燐夜色尽收眼底 这场夜游和美食澈底颠覆了美国访客和我们海外华人游子之心扉 尤其是主人之真诚笑容及美艷容顏

多年前 这位影舞巨星在德州休斯敦创建了周洁舞蹈学校 在另一舞蹈家暁慧之襄助下 為本地培养无数之中外学子 不但教授他们舞蹈 他们吸收了中华文化之精髓 我们更要在此感谢的是 每年由中外社团共同主办之新春游园会 都由她们担纲策划 邀集中外文艺团体 从早到晚在舞台上载歌载舞 是休斯敦地区之文化盛宴

今天我们生活在海外 就从未忘记我们的根 我们也要以华裔為荣 周洁在他一生中奔波於中美两地 更不断带领无数孩童参加各种音乐营 当她看到两国孩子们透过音乐谱上友谊之篇章时 她一定会面带微笑和满足

过去二年来之疫情打乱了所有人之生活节奏 上週参加亚裔商会之大型嘉华晚会 见到了许多好友们 大家有久违重逢 劫后餘生之感觉

许多好友都离我们远去了 王增达董事长 张磊会长 王唯立老师 何明通教授 他们都曾经活跃在我们的生活圈中

人生舞台终有谢幕时刻 我们大家要把握美好的每一天 永远活在大小的希望中 伸出手去关爱或帮助你週边的人 就如周洁和离我们而去的诸多好友 他们应该是无憾地走完了自己的旅程。


The Final Dance For Zhou Jie

A Celebration of Life in loving memory of Zhou Jie was held last week in Houston, Texas. She passed away after many years of fighting with sickness.

It was eight years ago when we visited Shanghai, China, with Congressman Al Green. Ms. Zhou was the one who arranged a chartered boat for our group to tour the river and with a big hot pot dinner, we were able to see the beautiful night scenario of Shanghai. For many of us it was the first time to visit this great city and enjoy such delicious Chinese food. Ms. Zhou gave us the best reception and always with a big smile.

Almost twenty years ago Zhou Jie came to Houston, Texas, founded her dancing school with the help from another dancer, Xiao Hui. They taught so many young kids how to not just dance, but also to learn more about Chinese culture. The school became very famous and the students always performed in local community activities, especially each year when we celebrated the Lunar New Year. They are the ones who organized all the programs for us.

Ms. Zhou always traveled between Shanghai and Houston promoting her music camp and brought so many young students to Houston to learn about American culture.

For the last two years we have faced a very difficult time because of the pandemic. Many of our dear friends, including Chairman DT Wang, artist Willy Wang, Professor Ben Ho and his wife, Chairman Zhang. We pray they all will Rest In Peace now.

Last week when we attended the party at the Asian Chamber of Commerce, we were reunited again with so many old friends. We are so glad most of us have survived.

We want to bless everybody. All of us need to look to our future and try to help each other and build a better community.