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大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/28

大侠行天下日记 我见我闻我思 10/28


当拜登总统本週通过视频参加东南亚国家公约会议, 这是四年来美国总统首次参加的重要国际会议, 而在缅甸首都被囚禁九个月之久的翁山苏姬正在接受军方法庭之审判, 指控她贪汚煽动民眾及控制新冠疫情不力, 如果她的罪名成立,将被判百年囚禁, 也是变相要她死在狱中

缅甸军方自一九六二年统治长达近六十年之久 翁山苏姬曾於一九九O年及2010 年两度高票当选带领她的政党蠃得选举 这项民主进展严重威胁军方势力 因而他们再次发动政变把反动人派统统抓起来 并已造成一千多人死亡及九千人被捕

缅甸是东南亚最富裕的国家之一,除了每年可收二到三季的稻米粮田之外 并储存大量石油 金矿 其中以玉石 宝石為世界之冠

我和家人早年曾经生活在这块佛教圣地 孩童时代每天清晨都看到各个年龄层次之尼姑和小和尚沿途化缘 并敲打着小铃鐺 提醒眾人送上食物水果, 每当回忆起当年之情境 深感这个篤信佛教及温顺之缅甸民族 在军人之欺压下 国家民生凋零 沦為世界最穷的国家之一

讽刺的是 东盟及世界各国对於翁山苏姬也无能為力 只有眼看这位民主斗士逐渐凋零 我们每天高谈民主 自由 面对现实 真是双重标準

我和家人姐妹们对於这块曾经养育过我们的佛国土地 唯有希望她能早日脱离苦海

Myanmar’s Leader Appeared In Court

After eight months of being detained by the military regime, the leader of Myanmar’s ousted civilian government Aung San Suu Kyi was in a closed door court and was charged for inciting public unrest and breaching coronavirus regulations. No diplomats or journalists were allowed in the court. If she is convicted, she could be sentenced to jail for 100 years.

This hearing came as U.S. President Biden plans to attend a virtual summit with the ASEAN countries. This is the first time in four years that a U.S. president will attend the meeting. The head of Myanmar’s junta was excluded from the meeting which will focus on the crisis in Myanmar.

Almost 1,200 people have been killed by the military forces in Myanmar since the coup and nearly 9,000 have been arrested.

The situation in Myanmar is very sad and we really don’t see anything the outside world can do for this poor country.

My family and I spent our early life in Myanmar when I was a kid. Every morning we saw a group of monks pass by in front of our house and ask for food. Most of the people are Buddhists and they are very peaceful people.

Myanmar is a country that is very rich in natural resources. More than 100 ethnic groups live in the country. They have numerous parks and lakes and thousands of colorful pagodas which contain Buddhist relics that date back to the 6th century.

We urge the world to come to the rescue of the suffering people of Myanmar. They have been under military rule there for almost sixty years.