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知名华裔律师李中原竞选德州众议员 守护美国的价值 维护选民的权益

知名华裔律师李中原竞选德州众议员    守护美国的价值    维护选民的权益

【美南新闻泉深】休斯顿知名华裔律师李中原 (Daniel Lee)作为德克萨斯州第26选区(District 26) 的民主党候选人参加2022 年德克萨斯州众议员(Texas House of Representatives) 的选举,他要站出来守护美国价值,维护选民的权益。他于1月27日在Braman Winery & Brewery面对选民发表了首次竞选演讲。


我很荣幸今天能站在您们面前,很高兴您们都在这里支持我作为德克萨斯州代表 HD 26 选区的候选人竞选。我不仅仅是代表我个人竞选,而是为您们每个人参加竞选,我希望能和您们一起竞选。










李中原(Daniel Lee)


It is an honor to be in front of your today and I’m overcome with joy that you are all here to support my campaign for Texas State Representative for HD 26. I say our because I’m running not only for everyone of you, but I hope torun with you. As a lawyer I swore to that I would know and use the law to protect families and Texans not only in the Houston area, but all over the state. I’m the only candidate that knows that law and knows the end affect of how bad laws hurts good people. 

Before I begin, I want you to know that my speech was inspired by our former President Obama.

My Father was a restaurant owner in Texas, with only a 6th grade education. My mother was a college basketball player at notredame and went to NYU for her accounting Masters. It’s due to their impressive story and relentless pursuit of the American dream that I am here today in front of you.

My background is part of a greater story of many great Texans and great people in the Houston area.

I’m fully aware that without the people that came before myself and my family that in no place on earth other than Texas and this area is my story possible. 

Alongside all the current increase in gun violence, Gerrymandering, Teacher shortage, climate change, and even rise in property taxes, I truly believe we are all connected as 1 Texas. If there are schools in our who lack teachers that matters to me, If there are families that are suffering from results of gun violence I too grieve with that family since this is my community, If there are people here struggling to pay medical bills because we lack heath insurance coverage for many people here, I struggle with them because we are ALL poor as a society. I believe that we either Stand together or we FALL together as Texans.

There is so much division right now in our city, state and world. Those that want to break all of us up and convince us that we are different from each other, when we are EXACTLY the same. There is truly no Conservative America, Liberal America, white, black, Asian or Latino America. We live in the United States of America.

We will be able to flip this seat and turn it blue with your help and I am the best candidate to do it. Things need to change and the people against me have been part of the same structure of educators that have failed our child for decades as well as lifted the laws that protected our families. 
In the end that is what this election is about. Do we participate and work in the politics of division and excuses or do we participate in the politics of Hope and promise. The Hope of immigrants escaping from war torn countries. The Hope that a short kid will one day become a State Representative. The promise that all homes will have energy during winter storms, the promise that our homes and children will be protected from the next flood. The hope that a business owner will be safe from gun violence and at the same time continue to make money. The Promise that each student will the resources in school to help them grow and that each teacher will be given the curriculum and pay to be successful. The Hope in the face of uncertainty and difficulty If you stand with me, together we can break these chains of division and win brighter days for our community and State one law at a time. Instead of Bad laws that hurt Let’s pass some GOOD laws to help Good people. Daniel Lee