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美国新冠疫情日记 4/4/2020 志愿精神与全民口罩

美国新冠疫情日记 4/4/2020  志愿精神与全民口罩



七十年初期我曾走访纽约,街上向一位路人寻问街名,他们不懂英语, 近年来全世界移民涌入纽约,近半数都是来自不同国家的新移民



Volunteer Response Touching The Heart Of Nation

Tens of thousands of volunteer medical doctors and nurses have traveled from across the nation to New York City to try and rescue the many people suffering from the Coronavirus. 

New York Governor Cuomo in his daily briefing begged the nation’s medical workers to come and help.

New York City has always been such a shining star and proud city and the U.S. capital of world finance and center of world politics and media.

In the last several decades, many new immigrants have moved to New York City giving it a very diverse and unique culture.

The CDC says today that we should wear a cloth masks when we go out in public at all times. President Trump has undercut the new guidelines and said he will not wear mask himself. It is far from clear how many Americans will embrace the recommendation.