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美国新冠疫情日记 04/09/2020 美国精神

美国新冠疫情日记 04/09/2020  美国精神






吉米是位德州大学毕业的驰名牙医,也是早年老布什总统的牙医,在他灰尘满布的旧牙齿诊所𥚃 珍臧了布什总统的亲笔函件。



   American Spirit

Every year early in April, the Texas state flower Bluebonnet will be blooming in Texas. And every year we must visit the city of New Dubina to see my dear friend Dr Jimmy Helms. But unfortunately this year because the Coronavirus, we cannot make it.

A couple of days ago I called Jimmy and asked him if everything was fine with him and he was so happy and answered with such pleasure and loud excitement. But he also is very worried about the vicious pandemic and how it has hurt our society, but he also told us this country has the ability and confidence to overcome it.

Jimmy was a famous dentist and became a private physician to the late President George Bush. After he retired, he built a Texas old wild west town in Dubina, Texas, and gave it a new name and called it New Dubina. The town has 22 small wooden buildings where he has remodeled an old 1860’s bank, a sheriff’s office and items from an old antique bar to turn the town into a real Wild West Texas small town. He also named himself as Mayor and Sheriff of the city.

Jimmy also built a very old western villa next to New Dubina with a beautiful view of the sunset. They are really enjoying life.

I have brought a lot of friends to visit Jimmy, his museum and the old Wild West town in his backyard. He has always treated us so friendly and always with a smile on his face.

Jimmy was born in Texas with the cowboy character. We feel his personality really represents the American Spirit.

Jimmy we love you.