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美国新冠抗疫日记04/11/2020 总统面临两难抉择

美国新冠抗疫日记04/11/2020   总统面临两难抉择




白宫当局正有两股不同之势力在角逐, 一派是医疗团队请总统不要操之过急,恐怕在疫情未能管控之前就开放,后果堪虑;但另一派以厙德洛為首之经济顾问们却主张我们一定要尽快开门,他更主张美国政府将支付所有搬厂费用,希望所有美国企业搬离中国大陆,这也是诸多华府政坛人士仍然认為中国要為疫情负责,日本政府也同时宣佈希望日商撒出中国搬往东南亚。

这场疫情显然已经摇动了世界政治经济之格局 我们都处於暴风圈内,不可不慎。

今晨打开窗帘,阳光温暖依旧,院子的花卉已在春意中绽放, 各位兄弟姐妹们,大家继续保重身体,让我们继续抓紧宝贵的每一天。

        The President Is In A Dilemma

While the growth of the Coronavirus pandemic is still uncertain, President Trump has announced he might open America for business in the near future.

The White House will announce an economic team on Tuesday to ascertain the situation ASAP.

Today our nation faces an unprecedented number of job losses while most businesses are shut down, even though the federal government has appropriated 3 trillion dollars to rescue them. But most businesses are still waiting for answers. If the money can’t make it to their hands soon, most small businesses will be closed for good.

Right now there are two factions in the White House-- one of them is lead by a medical team which insists that we let the pandemic calm down before we open the country back up. The other faction is a very pro-business group. They want business to open as soon as possible in order to rescue the collapsing economy. They also want all American companies to move out of China. The federal government will subsidize all moving expenses. The Japanese government is also doing the same thing.

This pandemic will definitely change how the world will be viewed in the future and will permanently alter the global economic landscape.

This morning when I opened my window, the spring time sunshine still came in. The flowers are still blooming. My dear brothers and sisters. Please keep yourselves in good health. We want to catch every beautiful day in our lives.