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美国新冠疫情日记 04/14/2020 州长和总统不同调

美国新冠疫情日记 04/14/2020   州长和总统不同调




截至今早,美国全国已有近六十万人之新增病例,已经有二万三千人丧生,五十州都已沦陷, 再看全世界之疫情在全球继续蔓延,二百多个国家无一幸免,国际金融组织已提出严厉警告:如果各国无法协调阻止疫情肆虐,全球之经济萧条将延至二O二一年。


                   Federal And States Conflict

Governor Cuomo of New York State said this morning, “We have a constitution, not a king.” 

This is a big issue between the states and the federal government.

From President Trump’s point of view, the national economy and the presidential election in November both are very critical issues for him. We are witnessing the long lines of the unemployed looking for jobs and massive crowds at food banks around the country. Millions of small and big businesses are finding it difficult just to survive. Only one month ago the President said we are having the best economy in the nation’s history.

America already has more than six hundred thousand confirmed cases and twenty-three thousand have lost their lives . As the International Monetary Fund has said, there is a risk of a recession extending into 2021 if policy makers fail to coordinate a global response to the virus.

We sincerely hope that the state and federal government will work together in the best interests of our nation and our people.