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美国新冠疫情日誌04/17/2020 有药可救了?

美国新冠疫情日誌04/17/2020  有药可救了?


由美国加州吉利德科研公司硏究出品药物霖德西威Remdesivir ,昨天在芝加哥大学医院为患上新冠病症的患者服用,一个星期之后已经痊癒出院,这个令人振奋的消息為大家带来希望,纽约股市也随之上涨。


川普总统已经宣布在三大步骤之下重新开放美国计划,医疗专家也為此表示高度忧虑,并警告全民仍然要遵守戴口罩、勤洗手、保持社交距离之基本守则 否则后果堪虑。

总统在会上激励全国人民,美国将战胜一切的挑战,此时此刻,让我们大家齐心协力,重建经济 人人有责。

New Medicine Comes To The rescue?

 A drug named Remdesivir produced by the California company Gilead Science was given to  Covid-19 patients at the University of Chicago hospital. Most of them have recovered quickly with the majority of them going home in just days.

 The patients taking part in a clinical trial of the drug all had severe respiratory symptoms and fever. Dr. Katherine Mullane who is leading the clinical trial said most of her patients have already been discharge from the hospital. This is exciting news and the company’s stock made big gains on the New York stock exchange.

 President Trump has announced that America is ready to open for business in three steps. Medical experts still worry about the future of opening up the society so fast.

 President claimed, “AMERICA can defeat any challenge!”

 Yes, we will support the rebuilding of our economy. This is everybody’s responsibility. After all, this is our country.