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美国新冠疫情日记4/18/2020 守望相助 人人有责

美国新冠疫情日记4/18/2020  守望相助 人人有责

                    守望相助 人人有责

值此疫情肆虐非常时期,世界各国实施不同形式之隔离政策,各国居民之生活方式產生巨大变化。 随着经济问题而產生之社会及家庭纠纷,数以亿计的年轻学子因疫情要留在家中,这是史无先例之窘境。


最近我也走访了社区弄堂的左隣右舍,除了赠送一些防护口罩,还留下几句问候话,事后大家都在电话中回覆并表示非常感谢和感, 一些疏於交往的隣居也因口罩而拉近了距离。




         It Is Everyone’s Duty To Help Each Other

Because of the Corona Pandemic, the whole world has turned upside down. Billions of kids now have to stay at home. People are out of jobs. Family problems have now become social issues. This situation is unprecedented in modern times.

Since the disease has spread into our communities, all of the international communities, including the Chinese Americans, have donated large amounts of medical supplies to the county and city hospitals. We are a so very happy and proud people and are willing to help each other.

Recently, I walked over to my neighbor’s house and gave them some masks. All of them really appreciated what we did because this small gift made our relationship even closer.

Our nation is facing a very serious challenge right now. There are a lot of international media reporting fake news and trying to damage America. Today, we as the citizens of this great nation, I encourage you to please use your cell phone to say hello to your neighbor and your friends. Become a community volunteer and make a donation to some organization or to a food bank. Mobilize all your friends to do something for your country.

Texas and the whole country will start to partially open for business. Everybody needs to do their part to recover our economy.

May God Bless America.