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美国新冠疫情日记4/23/2020 主流与非主流

美国新冠疫情日记4/23/2020  主流与非主流







          We Are The American Mainstream

When the Coronavirus pandemic attacked all the nations of the globe, many politicians took this opportunity to promote populism and nationalism in our society.

After President Trump took over the office of the presidency, he insisted that 450 miles of a protective wall be built next to our border with Mexico. He also announced yesterday that the U.S. government would temporarily suspend all immigration applications. Also yesterday, the state of Missouri tried to take legal action directly against China claiming that the Wuhan virus had caused serious damage to their state and the America economy. Trump also cut off all financial aid to the World Health Organization (WHO). This action will affect thousands of people in many poor countries. Is this how we as a super power should treat the rest of the world?

On April 17, in a Houston Chronicle interview, attempts were made to diminish Asian people and their culture while overlooking their successes and integration into the country, such as having higher levels of income and education than the general U.S. population. Overall, these politicians making statements against immigrants is so stupid and naive.

I have been Chairman of the Houston International District for the last twelve years. Our board members include African-American, Asian, Latino and white individuals.       We have never had any issue on race. After all, we are one nation under God.

We strongly urge all citizens in this election year to use your vote wisely and select a leader who really can lead our country.