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美国新冠疫情日记5/7/2020 褪色中的美利坚?

美国新冠疫情日记5/7/2020  褪色中的美利坚?



那已经是近二十年的往事了,我们和优秀乖巧的女儿从甘尼迪机场驾车前往纽约哥伦比亚大学做新生註册,在行驶途中误入邻近的哈林区,週遭是贫民,我们在迷路过程中得到路人热情之指路,五街之隔就到了哥大的校园,当时在新生註册处到处是学生们的父母亲友们之祝福及欢笑声,我们走到时代广场,在第五大道上感受到那股美利坚共和国给人之希望及动力,多年之后,女儿玛格利特已经成為一位内科医生,也在此次新冠疫情中每天站在医疗最前线抢救病患, 我们的忧虑阻挡不了她的工作,她对我们说:看病人是我们医生之天责。


Is America Fading?

The Texas spring sunshine came through my window, the water fountain water mixes with a sweet, scented flower fragrance -- even with this beautiful morning scene, I still am feeling a kind of sadness. Is the America I know and love fading?

Almost twenty years ago, we were taking our daughter Margaret to New York to register her in her first year at Columbia University. We joined a group of new students with their parents and friends all with great joy and enthusiasm. We also visited Times Square and Fifth Avenue in this shining city of the world. Many years later, Margaret, now a physician, is especially busy in this coronavirus pandemic period and is rescuing many patients. She says it is the duty of a doctor to save people’s lives.

Today, the United States is still suffering from this pandemic, especially in New York State and in the New York City area. We see so many miserable and tragic pictures every day. Is this great city just fading away?