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美国新冠疫情日记05/13/2020 我们是『待宰羔羊』?

美国新冠疫情日记05/13/2020    我们是『待宰羔羊』?


白宫医疗顾问福其在向参议院作证时,高度关注因为开放商业活动会再导致疫情之不可收拾, 他也拒绝把疫苗成功定下任何时间表,在此同时由佩洛西领导的民主党在众议院提出第三波的经济救助提案,敦促政府再度拨款三万亿来拯救包括地方、市及州政府之财政危机,包括好友市长唐纳也要立即解雇三千休斯敦市政府员工。

根据权威医疗专家之预估,如果疫情无法控制,在八月底前全国将有超过十六万人失去宝贵生命, 而且其中泰半是住在养老院的无助老人及非裔、拉丁裔少数族裔美国人,他们大部分是弱势族群而且生活在贫穷线下的受害灾民。





Where Is Hope For Me?

Dr. Anthony Fauci told Senators that if the country did not adequately prepare, then we run the risk of having a resurgence. In Congress, the Democrats are sponsoring a proposal for a new stimulus bill. Their $3 trillion relief package will provide funding to state and local governments along with a new round of direct payments to individual American citizens. Today, our friend Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner also plans to furlough about three thousands workers.

According to the predictions of medical experts, there will be almost 160,000 lives lost in America by the end of August. Most of them are people who live in senior housing and includes African-Americans and Latinos who live in poorer communities around the country.

Today, the U.S. is the number one super power in the world, but in this pandemic we just don’t see how our government can manage the ongoing crisis. So many people are suffering with no hope. We want to urge the city and state governments to immediately mobilize all their resources with the federal government to set up testing centers in every community and hand out free food to all the needy citizens.  Most importantly, we need to organize a coronavirus pandemic task force to rescue every emergency spot.

Most of the country is now open for business. We are so very worried about this virus that will never stop attacking us. The people’s lives are in despair and with no hope. We want the politicians to come up the effective resolution to rescue us and the whole country.