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美国新冠疫情日记06/04 This Is Healing Time For The Nation

美国新冠疫情日记06/04     This Is Healing Time For The Nation


           This Is Healing Time For The Nation

 The protests over the killing of George Floyd have erupted in nearly every major city.  The protesters are not only from the African-American community, but also from White, Latino and Asian people. In the last couple of days we have witnessed that most of the protests have now become peaceful.

 Memorial services for Floyd have been set at different locations, including Houston and Minneapolis. Many people have sent flowers and messages of condolence to Floyd’s  family. His six-year old daughter has said very touching words about her father and how much she misses her dad.

 We very much admired Houston Chief of Police Art Acevedo as he walked among the protesting crowd to try and show all the people that we are all in the same boat. He really tried to calm the protest movement.

 President Trump has threatened to send the American military to states where governors could not bring the protests under control over police brutality. At the same time, former Secretary of Defense Mattis has publicly criticized President Trump saying, “We are witnessing the consequences of three years without mature leadership.”

 Today, the whole country is open for business again. We are also very glad to see that the stock market is rising and the unemployment rate is going down. The U.S. Senate also has passed another stimulus bill to help the nation’s businesses.

 We are still very confident the country will be back soon in near future.


佛罗伊德被虐杀案,近週来在全国各地掀起愤怒之巨浪,这是美国自建国以来在全国各地最广泛的抗议示威,超过七十个大小城市,不论黑白黄族裔都走向街头,他们所诉求的是基本人权及司法正义, 虽然在大型集会上发生了一些不肖分子之抢烧破坏, 但是大部份之队伍是和平的。

各地对佛罗伊德之追悼活动已经展开,在明尼阿波罗市虐死案发生之现场 ,无数悼唁鲜花及信函堆聚如山,在他家乡休斯敦社区,一幅巨像下围绕着前来悼祭的各色人群,他六岁女儿表达对爸爸的思念,令人心碎和感动。

休斯敦警察局长阿索威多带领群众走在示威群众之中,这位拉丁裔首长和大家一同发表诉求,在和谐之氛围中缓解民众情绪,川普总统要求动用美军镇压暴乱, 被前任及现国防部长打脸 ,艾斯伯部长公开反对总统之建议, 前国防部长马蒂斯批评总统过去三年来之无能导致今天之情势。

虽然新冠疫情在全国尚无法全面控制, 各行各业已陆续开放,失业人数明显下降,股市亦在回升,加上昨晚参院再次通过对中小企业纾困方案,对诸多面临关闭之企业真是一阵及时雨。

今天是我们共同努力来解决国家未来问题的时候了, 从地方到联邦政府 ,对司法改革及警察行为之准则必须重新立法, 绝不忍让。