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          Father’s Gift Watch And Letter

New York Governor Cuomo wanted to give his daughter Michaela an old watch as a graduation gift. The watch was given to him by his father, the 52th governor of New York, Governor Mario Cuomo.

Cuomo said Michaela didn’t want any money, but she wanted some gift more meaningful. So he decided to let her have the watch that his father gave to him when he was elected New York state Attorney General.

Cuomo has been married to Kerry Kennedy for 15 years. They have three daughters, Cara, Mariah and Michaela. All of them were Ivy League graduates. Kerry Kennedy is the daughter of the late Robert Kennedy.

New York City will formally open up this coming Monday. Since the pandemic started, Governor Cuomo has been hosting a news conference almost daily. He gives very detailed reports to all the citizens of New York. He tries to solve the state’s problems with a very efficient team.  He is considered to be the best politician who is trying to accomplish a very difficult job.

I remember since I was a young kid, no matter that I had left my home and gone off to school, or later when I came to America, my dad always wrote me letters with a writing brush. When my life faced challenges and difficulties, I always looked at his letters. For the past so many years, his letters have become my spirit power to guide my life. Dad has sinced passed away for many years, but his letter still hang in my office.

Governor Cuomo’s gift to his daughter really represents his love and encouragement. This also sets an example for all families.

       父亲的礼物 手表和家书


这位站在抗疫前缐深得州民爱戴的州长,有非常显赫的家世,其妻是美国前司法部长甘迺迪之长女, 他和妻子十五年的婚姻,生下三个女儿,都是长春滕名校毕业。


我们非常欢迎纽约市及州即将在下週一局部开放,这座世界经济政治中心,不但是美国的大门 ,也是世界之枢钮,柯孟州长在过去三个月之疫情期间每天都开记者会, 向州民报告当天实情, 他的表现可圈可点, 已成为各界之佳话。

回忆起我自己的父亲,从我有记忆之童年开始,不论是早年离家上学, 后来远渡重洋, 时时接到父亲以工整挺拔之秀丽毛笔给我写的家信, 从勤工助学到草创事业,当我受到万般困难时,总是再读父亲的家信,这股亲情教谆指引了我人生向前的道路。

看了父亲的墨宝,犹如州长的老錶,代表了亲情, 代表了对父亲的思念。