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美国新冠疫情日记06/09 Our Nation Is At The Crossroad

美国新冠疫情日记06/09  Our Nation Is At The Crossroad

                 Our Nation Is At The Crossroad

Today George Floyd will buried in a Pearland cemetery next to his mother. Hundreds of thousands of people have gone to the streets worldwide to protest and demand change.

Floyd’s case shows that our nation is at the crossroad.

We came here to this beautiful land from all corners of the world. Most of the immigrants were looking for the America Dream and they helped build our country. Like all of us, in the last three months, because of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of my friends have suffered financial difficulty. Their businesses could not survive. Many have closed the door. They have lost almost everything. And the pandemic is still spreading in the community. These days all of us feel uncertain and hopeless.

Today our country is facing an unprecedented crisis situation. The U.S. law enforcement has a basic structure of discrimination toward minority groups. We have given law enforcement too much power, and in many cases, they still use excessive power.

With our whole community still complaining about the pandemic, the economy went down and the jobless rate went up. This is the reason why so much unrest has been caused in the cities. Plus, our leaders don’t even try to calm the protesters. They just pour more oil onto the fire.

We are so angry and need to point out that the world is watching this strongest nation. Many people want us down and they are using the media to attack us.

We are urging all our brothers and sisters that we as a nation we need to be united. We came here looking for a better life. We need to be in control of our future in our own hands. One of the best methods is to go out and vote and select a better leader for us.



美国,我们在此落地生根的美丽土地真的生病了, 做为一个国民, 我们有责任和义务来爱护这个国家, 自从新冠病毒侵袭的三个月来, 我们目睹多少中小企业已经不支倒闭,多少移民在此创业之成绩毁于一旦,目前各地疫情还未控制,大家对前景之焦虑和无望在增加中。

我们目前所面临之巨大挑战,来自有许多原因,美国司法制度对黑人及少数族裔存在有结构性之不公平及歧视,美国宪法中之许多条文是以当年白人多数为基础,法律给予执法之警察太多权力, 历史上多少执法过当而令人致死之案件,比比皆是, 最终被判刑之警察还是少数。过去三个多月来,新冠病毒之袭击,把美国经济带入深渊,造成民不聊生,失业人数激增,社区民心动荡,动乱一触即发,更令人失望及愤怒的,领导人在火上加油,不但不平息民怒,还要动员国家军队来镇压手无寸铁之老百姓。

今天全球正在密切关注我们这个世界第一强国,看看全世界之各种媒体,包括亚洲华人世界, 无不在兴风作浪,唱衰美国。

我们要大力呼吁,美利坚共和国是我们大家要共同爱护支持的国土,我们来自全球各地为了追求美好的生活, 大家同舟共济,参加投票,以选票来改变未来。