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Mayor Turner We Support You

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner in his news conference indicated that he would cancel the Texas Republican Party’s in-person convention and event that was scheduled to be held in downtown Houston at the George R. Brown Convention Center on July 16.

The Mayor said, “Look, these are some very serious times and for the public safety of people attending the convention, their employees, their family members and the people of Houston, the public health concerns are first and foremost.”

Republican Chair James Dickey criticized the mayor for what he said was a political calculation, rather than a safety measure.

Texas was the earliest state to open for business. We could have never imagined that the virus would come back and cause a more serious problem, especially in the city’s poorer area.

This morning I was talking to Kenneth Li, Chairman of the Southwestern District which has been the hardest hit area. We discussed what we can do for local residents and the many shopping centers and apartment complexes.

This is a very critical time we are facing now, and we urge all community leaders to come out and join hands with the City to encourage our residents to follow CDC guidelines to protect our people.

We really regret that so many of our small businesses are still suffering big losses and some of them have already closed down. And many lives have been lost, but yet, we are still watching the political games being played on all levels all across the country.

Mayor Turner, we will support you. After all, we are in the same family.