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   The Democratic Convention Opens Today

The Democratic Party will host their convention today in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. For the first time, most of the delegates will join the convention as a virtual meeting for next four days. In this historical and critical time, the convention is so important for our nation.

 The coronavirus pandemic has brought big changes to all of our lives. For the Democratic party they have the biggest responsibility to our country.

Who will be the winner in the November 3rd election? There are four most important issues facing our society including social security. If we don’t adjust it now, we will be facing bankruptcy in 15 years. In other words, people retiring at age 65 then will get no benefit.

The immigration policy of this nation is based upon immigrants from all over the world. We are now facing big changes in the policy. Now the federal government is trying to cut back the quota of immigrants and that means many talented students will have no chance to stay in America after they graduate from college. We are going to lose a lot of educated immigrants if this happens.

On foreign policy, under President Trump’s insistence on the American First policy, we are continuing to withdraw our memberships from important global organizations. We hope this policy will be adjusted in the future.

The world still needs our leadership. Many countries and their people are still suffering greatly from the coronavirus. The economies of many countries have slowed down making it more difficult for them to survive. We as the richest country in the world still have a responsibility to rescue them.

The world is in turmoil. We can’t wait. A new leadership is so critical for us as well as for the whole world.





长久以来,美国因為财政赤字严重影晌社会安全之预算,如果不立即改善可能会在十五年内破產, 换言之我们在六十五岁之后将无法领取退休金。

移民政策也将面临严峻之考验由於共和党政府在反移民及留住人才方面和民主党主张不同如果川继续执政,对移民配额及留学生毕业后之留美就业将会大量缩减不过民主党执政肯定会对高收入者扣更多的所得税 才能救济更多弱势及医疗公保制度之延续, 在外交政策方面主张之美国优先政策导致美国会退出更多的国际组织, 而拜登将继续维持推动全球化之政策 是两党最大之区别。

我们还是要特别呼吁民主党应该坚持美国领导世界之决心全世界面临疫情肆虐政局不安我们岂能独善其身世界上的许多弱势群体, 还是要美国伸出援手拯救他们。