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美国新冠疫情日记 0907

美国新冠疫情日记 0907

Two Texas Cities Selected As Best Places To Retire

 Forbes Magazine selected Dallas and San Antonio as the best retirement cities in America. Dallas with and active population of 1.35 million has a median home price of just $210,000, 21 % below the national average, with a cost of living at 2% above the national average, with  adequate number of physicians per capita. They have no state or estate tax, low to moderate  climate-change risk, a big culture scene, very bike-friendly, yet Dallas does have a high crime rate. Forbes ranks the Dallas Cowboys as the world’s most valuable sports team with a worth of $5.5 billion.

 San Antonio is a major city in south-central Texas with very rich colonial heritage with a population of 1.5 million, a median home price range of only $188,000 which is 34% below the national average.

 Forbes uses 750 American cities in their review and selects 25 of them to be the best overall retirement cities.

 Many of the retire population need to select a city where they want to spend their golden age years. With the coronavirus pandemic still attacking our communities, when the residents of New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles decide to move out of their crowded cities, naturally, Dallas and San Antonio will be their best choice.

 We are hoping that the vaccine will come out soon to rescue our community. That should turn our economy around and point it in a normal direction.

 Texas is the largest state in America, with the exception of Alaska. We have many world-class industries including energy, medical and NASA. We always welcome all those people looking for opportunity to come to Texas.


富比士最新发表全美最好退休城市, 德州圣安东尼及达拉斯入选。该杂誌在评语中说,圣安东尼市有非常足够的医疗设备及医生, 空气质量良好, 有很多自行车道, 经济情况良好, 没有州税, 每年气温稳定, 而且有浓厚的文化气息, 但是其中犯罪率较全国水平之上。

另外一个城市达拉斯也有同样的优势, 其中住房平均价是二十一万九千元,比全国均价低百分之二十一 ,没有州税及遗產税, 但缺点是犯罪率高於全国水平。

富士比杂誌每年都对七百五十个城市进行评估,最后选出二十五个最适居及退休之城市,虽然在新冠疫情仍然严峻之时,许多面对退休年龄之族群需要选择退休之城市,尤其是居住在纽约 华盛顿、 旧金山、大都会地区之居民希望离开人口密居之城市迁往比较有空间地区,所以德州地广人稀就成為大家之首选。


德州是全美除阿拉斯加州外之第一大州, 物產丰富 ,人口稀少, 能源、 太空、 医疗是世界第一 只要经济復甦,前景非常乐观, 是移居创业之首选。