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The UN Is Changing

The United Nations annual assembly will host from New York virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic. This is the first time in history many heads of state will deliver their speeches through the internet.

The United Nations was born after World War II in order to keep peace in the world. We are so fortunate that in the last seventy years we didn’t have another world war with the exception of the Korean conflict. Today most UN resolutions are powerless simply because many countries will not obey the UN's decisions.

Today we as the richest country in the world have lost 200,000 human lives in this health crisis, but we still insist on withdrawal from the World Health Organization. As the most powerful nation, this is not the right decision at all. Many poor people are suffering in this pandemic. Most people on the globe are just fighting for survival. They all need a helping hand.

Let's hope the UN will lead the world into recovery at such a tragic time as this so the world will be peaceful again.


紐約聯合國大會正式揭幕由於新冠疫情之嚴重影響要出席的各國政要都將以視訊方式發表演說 這也是有史以來以此種方式在國際舞台上來看政客們的表演。

二次大戰結束後才成立的聯合國如今已經逐漸失去了它的功能性, 過去七十多年來, 大會之決議往往只是紙上談兵。

今天世界上最強大的美國已經有二十萬人失去了寶貴之生命同時也退出了聯合國屬下的國際衛生組織換言之我們和聯合國在走不同的途徑來做防禦工作, 這是一個明智的做法嗎我們可以獨善其身眼看更多的國人継续失去生命嗎?

我們平民百姓深受政客們錯誤決策之苦, 我們只求生活上之溫飽那些荒唐的政治支票令人万般厭惡。

願上天保佑蒼生大眾, 世界重啟太平。

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